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Equipment Tips for a successful hunting season.

Hunting Season Is Around The Corner! Equipment Tips for a successful hunting season. Don’t get caught unprepared this hunting season. Many hunters invest countless time and resources each year for a successful harvest. Whether it’s white-tailed deer, elk, dove, duck or quail, you need equipment you can count on. Here are a few pre-season tips to ensure a hassle-free season.  Evaluating your firearm Inspect your firearm for potential issues early enough to address them ahead of season. In some cases, parts may need to be ordered or it may need gunsmith work done. As we get closer to hunting season, gunsmiths get busier and may have extended lead times. Remember the gunsmith’s motto: “Piss Poor Planning on Your Part Does NOT constitu...  Read More

Don't spend this hunting season hunting for ammo.... Stock up now @ Liberty Shooting Sports.

In 2020 & 2021 hunters and sportsman had major difficulties getting their preferred ammo. Many went well into hunting season only to struggle to find ammunition for the season. Don't get caught without your favorite load this year. Liberty Shooting Sports has many popular calibers in stock and receives new shipments weekly. Check out our selection of centerfire rifle, rimfire and shotshell ammunition. (Photo credit: Federal Premium) Click Here to View In-Stock Ammo  Read More